Inspired and intrigued by how we remember our loved ones, past and present. The relationship between jeweller and wearer. Amy works in precious Metal Clay to capture her clients, loved ones finger prints. 
Working along side other projects she is Inspired by everyday objects and life, Amy uses her life experiences and travels to create contemporary pieces of jewellery. Working primarily with silver and using a range of hammers to planish, mark make, form and develop into conceptual pieces. The use of Architecture and memory still play a role in Amy's work but she is using her thoughts and emotions of personal experiences to create the shape and form for the items of jewellery in this collection.
The hammer being her favourite tool expressing whatever emotions she needs to release into her work. Working on the collection 'fixed not broken' has transpired from the loss of both her parents and the struggle to conceive. Struggling with anxiety, Amy wanted to channel those emotions and feelings into something positive and make a thought provoking collection.  A lover of being at the beach (her happy place) you will see how Amy incorporates this into her work along with the sun, sea and the moon. A personal collection open for interpretation, for both, the jeweller and the wearer...